The cast of characters at RAVENLADY has been hard at work this month. We kicked things off with the official opening of our new food truck, and really appreciate all the positive response we have received from visitors and the community.  Many thanks to our head chef, Mickey Phayer and his team, for their unique and evolving menu.

We followed that up by honouring the life and work of Mike Camp, the artist who created our original landmark attraction, The Raven Lady.  Along with a retrospective exhibition of his works on canvas, Camp was commissioned to create a second sculptural work for the RAVENLADY site.

wanderers tree fabrication

Artist Mike Camp works with stainless steel

Working with his signature material of stainless steel, Mike dedicated over 100 hours to fabrication on-site, giving form to The Wanderer’s Tree. Standing 12-feet high, the new sculpture beckons the wandering soul in each of us, reflecting on the journeys we have all taken to get here, and the great adventure that lies before us.

Visitors will find that the limbs of The Wanderers Tree are detailed with ringlets from which oyster shells are hung as chimes, inscribed with the wishes of our guests.

The first erection of The Wanderers Tree

Stop by and share a wish.  Shells are provided for a small donation and will be used to support our local community organizations working to build happy, healthy communities by bringing people together through arts and culture.