We’re not camera shy! Check out our recent feature with the fine folks from Flavours of the West Coast on CHEK-TV.

Also a reminder to everyone only days away from our season kick-off on February 14th! Chef Mickey Phayer promises to awaken the senses with some delicious new menu items for you to try. Make a date with RAVENLADY Oyster Forte!

In this episode, Flavours of the West Coast host Steve Walker-Duncan pays a visit to our #1 supplier Effingham Oysters, located in the heart of Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Oyster farmer Micah Verbrugge provides and inside look into his operation, taking us on a quick journey from hatchery and flupsy to harvest.  Steve then moves up the coastline to RAVENLADY Oyster Forte in Ucluelet for a taste of the finished product, describing it as “the place to try them locally… a landmark open-air restaurant in the centre of Ucluelet.”

Owner Bruce Schmaltz shares his concept of combining sensuous art with a sensuous food to produce “a heightened experience”.  Steve joins RAVENLADY’s Head Chef Mickey Phayer in the courtyard to prepare a few signature dishes: Oyster & Halibut Ceviche, oysters with a pineapple and rum sorbet, and broiled oysters with ponzu butter.  Looks delicious – get out your notepad!