Immerse Yourself in a Feast of the Senses


Made with Fresh Locally Farmed Oysters


Natural and Healthy Ingredients Bursting with Flavour


Hearty Meals for the Hungry Traveller



Hours of operation (Spring 2017): Open Daily, 1pm -8pm

Oyster Forte
Original Creations prepared & served by Chef Michael Phayer


Exquisitely seductive dishes that promise to warm things up

Fresh shucked Oysters

with lemon, horseradish and our selection of mignonettes.
(single, half-dozen)

Steamed Oysters

with Chinese soy sauce, pickled ginger & scallions.

House smoked Oysters

served on toasted fig bread with whipped blue cheese & pickled onions.

Fried Oysters

 tossed in “all-dressed” seasoning with house made ranch dressing & scallions.

Smoked Tuna & Edamame Croquette

with tonkatsu sauce, Japanese mayo, cilantro, scallions & sesame seeds.

Seared Tuna Taco

with spicy pineapple chutney, cumin aioli, cilantro & sesame seeds .


Sumptuous main courses for the hungry heart

The Po’ Boy

Crispy baguette stuffed with your choice of seared albacore tuna or panko-fried oysters, chimmichurri, pickled onion, coleslaw and potato salad.

Fish & Chips

served with coleslaw, pickled onions, lemon & tartar sauce.

The Raven’s Nest

Pan seared smoked oysters with soba noodles, kale, herbs & nori in a buttery sauce.  Topped with parmesan, bonito flakes, fried garlic chips & a slow poached egg.

Pan seared Mussels

in a fragrant tagine sauce with chickpeas, raisins & parsley.  Served with grilled flatbread & Lebanese garlic sauce.


Wet the appetite with these tender lead-ins

Beer battered fries with rosemary & anchovy aioli.

Refreshing drinks

+ Daily Specials

A loaf of bread, the Walrus said, “Is what we chiefly need: Pepper and vinegar besides are very good indeed — now if you’re ready, Oysters, dear, We can begin to feed!"

Lewis Carroll

“If you don't love life you can't enjoy an oyster; there is a shock of freshness to it and intimations of the ages of man, some piercing intuition of the sea and all its weeds and breezes.

Eleanor Clark

I love oysters. It’s like kissing the sea on the lips.

Léon-Paul Fargue