This tale begins with a hint of eros and a spark of inspiration. We could attribute it to wine, but a steady diet of oysters on the half shell is also known to bring on such heightened states of awareness.

Bruce Schmaltz, our follied protagonist and a Don Quixote of sorts, was travelling from the grasslands of Alberta in late 2013, seeking adventure.  And oysters. On his first encounter with the Raven Lady, he was transfixed by her strength and beauty.  Recognizing the latent power of the Raven Lady and having duly received the message, he made it his mission to unlock her hidden secrets.

oyster-forte-openingFor Bruce – the Old Fool – a knee-jerk reaction suggested expediting her back to the prairies, but the courting of this lady would prove to be more complicated (it usually is). Not the least because the 12-foot span of her curvaceous form is entirely comprised of stainless steel. So what was the real crux of the matter?  It turns out she simply would not be parted from her home on atop the hill, overlooking coastal waters.

For the Old Fool, in love, the only solution was to stay, so that’s just what he did.

Having succeeded in making necessary arrangements, a revitalization project commenced at the current location without haste, along with visions of a community space supporting creativity, dialogue, and good food.

With these essential pieces now in place, we invite you to visit us and participate in creating the RAVENLADY story – we’d love to hear from you!