What Hidden Wonders Await You?

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Just minutes away from the Pacific Rim National Park and Wild Pacific Trail, RAVENLADY is a favourite stop for the inquisitive traveller.

Hours of operation for the outdoor restaurant vary with the season, but our centrally located garden in Ucluelet BC may be accessed throughout the day at no cost.

1801 Bay Street, Ucluelet BC

Free parking is available on site and visitors are cordially welcomed by our friendly staff and ownership.


Oyster Forte – Outdoor Restaurant

The belly rules the mind… and maybe more! Let your primal instincts guide you on a culinary adventure of sensual delight.  Oyster Forte has designed a complete menu around the most notorious suspect of aphrodisiac world – you guessed it, fresh oysters.

Order to go, or stay and enjoy our outdoor gardens and the good company of fellow adventure-seekers.

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Raven Lady – Landmark Attraction

The centerpiece of our outdoor garden is the iconic Raven Lady sculpture, which tells a story of the entanglement of trickster and seductress, new beginnings, and the unity of opposites.

Twelve feet tall, and meticulously crafted in stainless steel, the Ravenlady is a symbol of strength, ageless beauty, and creation.

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The Wanderer’s Tree – Celebrating the Journey

Erected in April of 2015, the Wanderer’s Tree is our newest addition to the sculpture garden. Akin to a wish tree, her steely branches are adorned with oyster shell chimes, carrying the messages of seekers and their journey through life.

Eat an oyster, leave a message, and let it be carried away on the westerly winds.  All proceeds go to local charities.

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