Meet Head Chef, Michael Phayer

Michael ‘Mickey’ Phayer is silver tongued culinary rogue from Geelong, Australia (pronounced Jalong for all us Canadians).  Classically trained under Alla Woof-Tasker, David Green and Kazuki Tsuya at the highly esteemed Lakehouse in Daylesford, Mickey’s nuanced interpretations of French and Asian cuisine are reflected in his exquisite and unexpected combinations of fine ingredients.

Like everyone else who finds their way to the end of the road, Mickey discovered Vancouver Island and the west coast and fell in love with the wild, pristine nature of Ucluelet and Tofino.

Seeking to make his own mark with a menu of his own, Mickey inaugurated RAVENLADY Oyster Forte as head chef, with an inspired and original menu showcasing fresh pacific oysters, farmed locally on Vancouver Island.

Although the menu reads like a tryst between two shells with “Foreplay” and “Consummation” as headlining sections, every dish exquisitely prepared with care and attention, seasoned deftly and garnished with beautiful micro greens, edible beach flowers or succulent herbs.

Notorious in the kitchen for his masterful handling of almost any set of ingredients, Mickey commands respect and admiration amongst his tightly knit crew, especially as mealtime approaches with smoked sablefish, sea asparagus, and breakfast omelettes (drool!) shared as the standard fare.

While not on the job he enjoys camping at the lake, riding his motorbike through the winding mountains roads of the island, and spending time with his sweetheart.

When asked of his personal taste in oysters, Mickey’s response is somewhat down-to-earth: “freshly shucked with a drop of smoked hot sauce, or battered in crispy panko and served to me alongside a cold refreshing lager. For those who visited Oyster Forte, it’s Mickey’s plain speak and humorous commentary that make the meal all the more memorable.  Not to mention his sure-fire approach to inducing involuntary oyster-gasms.

Welcome to Ucluelet Chef Phayer, your cuisine will no doubt keep locals and tourists alike enthralled.

Bon Appetit!

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