Reflections on our anniversary and sending out a huge thank you to all who attended.

When the genius and the artist meet in one man great things happen, to have a vision is one thing but when you can make it concrete in the sculpture of the land this is truly the merger of art becoming nature and nature becoming art that gives the aesthetic relief a transporting of the senses to another level. Oyster Jim has all these qualities, which will leave a legacy to the future. People will debate is he a sculptor or a painter, no doubt it will be a great discussion.


Monique and I are proud to donate the proceeds collected from hanging oyster shell messages that blow in the breeze on The Wanderer’s Tree designed and built by Mike Camp the creator of RAVENLADY so in a way one artist is supporting another.


The high lite and focus of the evening was Chef Mickey Phayer and his creative talent in the kitchen starting with the fresh shucked Effingham oysters with Mickeys famous mignonettes. Mica and Victoria of Effingham Oysters had just delivered the oysters fresh from the farm. We followed with a zesty oyster and prawn ceviche served in the half shell. Our classic smoked oyster plate with whipped blue cheese, pickled onions and crispy baguette was served alongside mini smoked tuna and cheddar melts. All paired with Tofino blonde.


Having a raven and two raven ladies attend took us a over the top with this type of community participation the welcome surprise was the Raven could really sing adding a new depth to our gathering a true RAVENLADY block party, I’m excited about next years contest already.


Bruce Schmaltz

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